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Pirate! England X Reader (Part 6)

Was it just a dream? Or was it the future?

***YOUR P.O.V***

You stirred awake at the unfamiliar coldness on your body. You looked to see that Arthur's arm wasn't there. Though you could hear his soft breathing. You turned over to find him awake. 
"You ok?" You asked. 
Silence. He wasn't speaking. Was he dramatized from the fight in France? No, that can't be it. He's been in TONS of fights before. What was it is? You mentally asked yourself. 
"Arthur?" You said with a quite innocent voice. 
"Morning.." He said blandly as he continually stared at the ceiling with a blank and tired expression. 
"Whats wrong?" You asked again. 
"Just a bad dream...." He shrugged. 
"Can you tell me what happened?" You asked as you rubbed his arm for comfort. 
"We were married and.............. you were about 9 months pregnant, a
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The story of SurgeCraft
Yes yes I know I said I was not gonna post anything. Well I have been making a story for some time now and I feel as if I should post it here! Yay. Let us begin  Rainbow Hurl 
Chapter one:
    "You'll never catch me alive!" screamed the pig bandit as he jumped over anything in his way. "Let's see about that!" screamed back the warden. The pig bandit had just stolen some dark magic books from the town library. The books are forbidden and anyone who so dared to touch it was severely punished. Suddenly the warden teleported in front of the bandit's face. "Surprise" the warden whispered. Reflexively the bandit took out his wand and whacked him on the head. While the warden was dazed he gulped down a speed potion and sped of. Not daring to look back he ran to the forest ahead of the village. There he saw smoke coming through the canopy, and rushed over to see who or what it was. Sitting by the campfire was
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SSundee by HoldSpaceShift SSundee :iconholdspaceshift:HoldSpaceShift 20 4



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Im just a wierdo that found a pen. Enjoy your stay.


Anything i can draw
Just any shitty art i can accomplish XD give me the character, the position and the background and ill do eeeet.

I do a bit of everything! I'll tell ya If I can't manage! 
Prices may vary depending on the background or character complexety and it cost 50 points extra if you add a character!


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MinteuTea Featured By Owner May 4, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there! Thank you for the favorite on my teddy bear craft, I really appreciate the support! Make sure to watch me if you'd like to see my future works (Only if you want to).

Have a nice day! ^-^
AstroEskits Featured By Owner May 4, 2017
No problem! I just thought it was adorable! Sure, I'll watch ya!

Have a nice day aswell! ^^
BombCrop Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Thanks so much for your wonderful donation of 400 points! I've sent you a message about it; do get back to me when you can.

Thanks for all of your support over the years!
AstroEskits Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2017
Ey no problem mate! Sorry for the slow reply I've had a busy few days!
KupoFrost Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
the spiciest yet the freshest memes so far
MagicRain100 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2017  New Deviant
I like your art! Keep up the great work and I hope you have a great day!
AstroEskits Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2017
Thanks! Have a great day as well! ^^
catleidoscope Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
shlock sees through everything and everyone and everything and everyone and everything and everyone
AstroEskits Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2017
Dear g0d
catleidoscope Featured By Owner Edited Mar 29, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The Beast In Cage 
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